Thursday, October 15, 2015

Paragraph 5

(5) By looking at every detail and design of the world and its inhabitants we can see that God must be similar to us. --Jaden Lunger

Paragraph 4

(4) We have no personal experiences with divine things so we shouldn't be concerned with the nature of the Divine. -- Jaden Lunger

Paragraph 3

(3) Human's ideas of perfection don't even do God's perfection justice. God is to be worshipped, not debated. --Jaden Lunger

Paragraph 2

(2) God is beyond the material form of human and transcends the realm of spirits. He's too perfect to begin to comprehend. --Jaden Lunger

Paragraph 1

(1) The question isn't whether God exists, but what is the nature of His existence? How does he sound, look, etc.? -- Jaden Lunger